Bob Broom

RTD Director Bob Broom

"Effective public transportation is critical for the economic vitality of Colorado."

My name is Bob Broom, and I am committed to improving public transportation to maintain the excellent quality of life we enjoy here in Colorado. We have multiple challenges with public transportation in the metro area, including improving public satisfaction, balancing operational costs with new investments, and driver retention. As a current RTD director, I understand those issues in detail, as well as the next steps we must take as a community.

Clean air and water are a top priority, and I worked for them while serving on the Board of the Denver Regional Council of Governments for eight years. In 2014, I was appointed by Governor John Hickenlooper to the Denver Metropolitan Area Regional Clean Air Council.

I will be supporting the conversion of the bus fleet from diesel to either electric or hydrogen to improve air quality. I am also supporting a shuttle bus service for the Town Center at Aurora, City Hall, Courts, Main Library, and Buckley Air Force Base.

I have been endorsed by Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman and the former RTD Chair Tom Tobiassen.

Please support my continued service on the RTD Board of Directors with your vote! 

Strong leadership at a critical time